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The 6 Benefits of growing your own food

Updated: Jul 12

Nowadays, we’ve become so accustomed to being able to go to the supermarket and buy any food that we like.

We are so fortunate that we have the luxury to buy food that does not originate in this country and buy fresh produce when it’s not in season at affordable-ish prices all year round.

We’ve become so accustomed to getting food from shops, that the younger generations are baffled when they understand that food can be found in nature.

Here at HavenWeb, we aim to reteach people, older or younger, the art of growing fruit and vegetables at home. 

Here are some of the reasons why one would grow food at home.

Fresh and Nutrient rich food

Your homegrown fruit and vegetables will be harvested at their peak. This means that you will get super tasty produce as well as maximum nutritional value.

Usually, store-b ought produce is picked up much earlier to withstand transportation from the produce to the retailer or sometimes, they are stored in carbon dioxide chambers so that they last longer before they get sold. 

Cost saving 

Growing your own food can save money in the long run. While initial setup costs may be involved, the ongoing expenses are generally lower than consistently buying fresh produce from the market.

Environmental impact 

When you grow food at home, you contribute to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Every little bit helps, if we are to halt climate change and ensure that the temperature stays the same.

By growing food at home, you reduce the carbon footprint that is associated with transport, packaging and distribution of food.

Besides, the use of pesticides and fertilisers are minimised in comparison to large-scale farming practices which lead to severe environmental problems such as desertification and eutrophication. 

Connection to nature

Gardening and growing your own food will give you space for mindfulness and deeper connection with nature.

It provides an opportunity to engage with the seasons, observe the growth cycle of plants, and appreciate the interconnectedness of ecosystems.

Physical and mental wellbeing

Whilst you garden and grow your own food, you will need to use your body for tasks such as digging, planting, harvesting etc.

That’s a free workout, enjoy! Besides, multiple studies have shown that spending time in a garden can reduce stress levels, improve mood, and enhance your well-being. 


While not everyone can achieve complete self-sufficiency, growing some of your own food can contribute to a more sustainable and self-reliant lifestyle. It reduces dependence on external sources for certain types of produce.

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