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The "Baby Boomer" tomato plant is a hybrid variety known for its prolific yields of small, cherry-sized tomatoes.  Care instrcutions will come along with your plant! The toddler seedling will need repotting only once to its final home. 

Boomer Cherry Tomato Seedling


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  • Facts

    Genus: Solanum

    Species: Solanum lycopersicum

    Common Name: Baby Boomer Tomato

    Height: 45-60 cm 

    Spread 45-60 cm wide, depending on growing conditions and how it's supported.

    Fruits: small, cherry-sized tomatoes that are known for their excellent flavor and are perfect for salads and snacking. 
    The fruits usually start ripening around 50-55 days after planting, and the plant continues to produce a high yield throughout the growing season.

    Origin: Simply Seeds

    Grown: Canterbury

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