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Level up your tomato game! This Seedling Success Pack equips your tiny tomato with everything it needs to become a backyard beast.

Inside you'll find:

A spacious 11cm pot with compost for early root development with compost.

A 10 Litre pot with compost for when your chillis ready to reign supreme.

Chilli Food: Delicious food specifically formulated for epic tomato production.

Support Stakes: 3 trusty stakes to keep your tomato growing tall and proud.

Watch your chilli plants, grow bright and spicy!

'Seedling Success pack' for chilli plant


Buy 2 get 1 FREE!

  • Free Delivery in Canterbury and near-by


  • Spice Up Your Life with the "Seedling Success" Chilli Pack! 

    The "Seedling Success" Chilli Pack!t is here to transform your little chillis into a blaze overflowing with potent, homegrown heat! This all-in-one kit provides everything your chilli needs to pack a punch and become a true garden champion.

    What's Inside the Pack:

    • Spacious Starter Pad (11cm pot): This cozy first home gives your mini-inferno ample room for early root development, setting the stage for future fiery dominance.
    • Future Flamethrower (10 L pot): As your chilli grows into a heat-packing powerhouse, this larger pot provides the perfect arena for its root system to expand and support explosive growth.
    • Chilli Food: This specially formulated chilli food is packed with the nutrients needed for epic chilli production. Get ready to harvest a bounty of fiery peppers that will bring the heat!
    • 3 support stakes: Just like any champion needs a good coach, these sturdy support stakes will help your chilli grow strong and tall. They'll prevent weak stems from toppling under the weight of future victories (aka, potent chilli peppers).

    Witness the Transformation!

    With the "Seedling Success" Chilli Pack, you'll witness your tiny seedling morph into a chilli titan, ready to dominate your kitchen and ignite your taste buds. Upgrade your gardening game and watch your chilli take flight!

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