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A common variety that matches this description is the 'Cayenne' pepper, known for its slender, elongated fruits.  Long, slender, and packing a spicy wallop, this pepper is like a party noodle that went rogue and chose a life of adventure in the land of heat.


Your plant will need repotting once. 

Spaghetti Chilli


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  • Facts

    Genus: Capsicum

    Species: Capsicum annum

    Common name: Spaghetti Chilli Pepper Heat: Medium, 8,500 SHU*

    Height: 45 - 50cm 

    Spread: 40cm 

    Fruits: Up to 30cm long and 10mm wide

    Type: Organic 

    Origin: LowerCockAsh Organics  

    Grown: Canterbury

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