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Maria Rampaouni

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Co-founder & Executive Director

A former SEN-SEMH teacher and SLT professional, Maria is driven by an unwavering passion for sustainability and accessibility.


Her profound knowledge of education and content creation ensures that HavenWeb's message is easily digestible and available to individuals of diverse backgrounds. Maria's dedication extends beyond the realm of education.


she has diligently honed her skills in business management and development. Her mission is to create positive change and foster shifts in behaviour and habits, underpinned by the belief that connecting with the natural world is therapeutic and enhances mental health and well-being.


Meet The Team 

Sam Spencer

Director & Regenerative Farming Grower

Sam, with years of experience in regenerative horticulture, is passionate about making local, ethical, and affordable produce accessible to all.


This journey began with launching a regenerative market garden, supported by the Growing Kent and Medway initiative, which led to a partnership with HavenWeb CIC. Through discussions on food system reform with HavenWeb’s Maria and Trevor, Sam found a shared vision for enabling community food cultivation.


This alignment of goals quickly ushered Sam into the HavenWeb team to further the mission of sustainable food accessibility. Sam's expertise in sustainable practices has been a cornerstone in advancing HavenWeb’s initiatives.

Trevor Sharp

Co-founder & Director

Landscape Architect

A professional landscape architect with a distinguished track record, has catalyzed the creation of numerous thriving permaculture projects. With years of hands-on experience, Trevor has empowered countless individuals to transform their own gardens into bountiful sources of food.


His vision is unwavering: to make available the art of sustainable cultivation, ensuring that individuals from all walks of life can embrace self-sufficiency.


Trevor's expertise forms the backbone of HavenWeb's mission to provide accessible means for everyone to cultivate their own food. Trevor is determined to see communities that thrive and depend on each other. 


Jake Hudson 

Garden Manager

Jake, one of HavenWeb's new garden managers, is excited to bring his facilitation skills and passion for community projects to the team!

Jake has always found fulfillment in leadership, but traditional top-down styles didn't resonate with him. He sought a more collaborative approach and discovered facilitation during a community bike workshop project.

As a facilitator, Jake empowers teams to build consensus, ensuring everyone feels heard and contributes to the strategy. This teamwork creates a strong foundation for success.

Jake's experience makes him a great fit for HavenWeb's community garden, where shared ownership is key. He's eager to work alongside everyone to make the garden a fantastic success!


Garden Manager

More info soon!

Our Current Volunteers : 

  • Auriane G.

  • Oz G.

  • Simon K.

  • Moyo

  • Arash 

  • Zoe

  • Sue 

  • Jake C. 

  • Jake H. 

  • Fiona

  • Freya

  • Jackie

  • Conor

  • Frankie

  • Amy 

  • Brigitte

  • Fiona

  • Reece 

  • Rosie

  • Matt

'Hi, I am Oz  and I've been participating in the community garden since February this year. I love working in the garden as I learn many new things and can apply them to my own garden. I have always been interested in ecology and really love that it is a permaculture garden, as this type of gardening help biodiversity and saves insects like bees and butterflies!


While working in this garden, I met a lot of different people and made good friends, which can be hard to do once you're an adult. Not only do we work in the garden but we also take breaks where we eat what we brought and chat peacefully. I think it's important to have places like this one that bring the community together to accomplish things you cannot do alone!’

Oz, UK

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