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You don't need a lot of spaceto turn over a new leaf.

Spaghetti Chilli Plant: A Beginner's Guide to Cultivating Flavorful Heat from Seedling to Harvest

A common variety that matches this description is the 'Cayenne' pepper, known for its slender, elongated fruits. Long, slender, and packing a spicy wallop, this pepper is like a party noodle that went rogue and chose a life of adventure in the land of heat.


Genus: Capsicum

Species: Capsicum annum

Common name: Spaghetti Chilli Pepper Heat: Medium, 8,500 SHU*

Height: 45 - 50cm 

Spread: 40cm 

Fruits: Up to 30cm long and 10mm wide

Type: Organic 

Origin: LowerCockAsh Organics  

Sown: Canterbury

*SHU stands for Scoville Heat Units. It's a way to measure how spicy a chilli pepper or any spicy food is. The more SHU, the spicier the food. If something has a low SHU, it's not very spicy. For example, bell peppers have 0 SHU because they're not spicy at all. Very hot peppers can have a very high SHU, meaning they are really spicy.

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