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Our Projects

At HavenWeb, we're all about getting hands-on with nature to tackle a big issue: making sure everyone has access to fresh, nourishing food. We're here to give you the know-how and tools to grow your own fruits and veggies.


It's about more than just gardening; it's about connecting with nature, boosting your health, and bringing people together. Our secret sauce? The Secret Community Garden in Canterbury.


Here, we're not just planting seeds; we're cultivating seedlings and watching local biodiversity bounce back. Our goal? To spread the seeds of sustainable living and create a space where everyone can flourish.


Image by Tania Malréchauffé

Secret Community Edible Garden

Image by Jonathan Kemper

Learning to Grow an Edible Garden

Join us in our secret gardening project in the heart of Canterbury. We grow food, flowers as well as friendships and connections. 

Click on below to register your interest. More info coming soon!

You can use our secret garden as a model to modify your garden at home! Come and learn the basics of permaculture and food growing with us. Join our secret project!

Image by Zoe Schaeffer

Polytunnel Seedling Nursery

Our polytunnel nursery is up and running! Many seeds have been sown, now we have to be patient to wait for our/yours baby seedlings!

Foggy Forest

Enhancing Well-being

We are firm believers that being involved with nature and part of an active community can improve your well-being. We are looking to see if our volunteers notice these effects in their lives. To do this, we will use questionnaires and feedback from our community to see if this is true. 

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