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Growing the Future, One Edible Seedling at a Time!

Updated: Jul 12

Welcome, gardening veterans & future green thumbs! We're excited to share some big news— some of HavenWeb's edible seedlings are available on our online store NOW! Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a tiny windowsill, these seedlings are designed to make food growing accessible, fun, and maybe even a little addictive. But don't worry, it's a good kind of addiction!

baby seedling on the window sill

Picture this, your seedling is growing up, in the heart of Kent, strong, nourished by a compost that's organic in everything but name (because who has the cash to pay for certification, right?). These seedlings are chemical-free and packed with all the nutrients they need to thrive—just like the plants in those picture-perfect farm-to-table Instagram posts.

Seedling growing

And here's the best part: they're practically foolproof! Seriously, if you can remember to water your plants occasionally (we're not asking for miracles here), you'll be reaping a bountiful harvest in no time. And guess what? We will remind when it is time to water your seedling! We will even help you repot it and offer you everything you need! These seedlings are designed with first-time growers in mind. They don't need much space, they don't need much care, and they can grow indoors or outdoors. Talk about low-maintenance! Perfect for the "I-don't-have-a-green-thumb-but-I'd-like-to-try" crowd. If you think you are a pro at growing food, then don't worry about it, we got seedlings for you too!

But it's not just about growing plants—it's about growing a community. We're all about sustainability, which is why we're rescuing every pot we use. You will see that the date is added to our logo, that's our way of keeping track of its journey. We're hoping that in a few years, our pots will be the coolest around—covered in stickers showing all the times they've been reused. It's kind of like those old-school suitcases you see in movies, with travel stickers from around the world. Except ours are all about making gardening eco-friendly.

Father and daughter cooking home growing food

So why are we doing this? Because we believe that growing your own food should be easy. We're here to inspire you to take that first step into gardening and maybe even catch the gardening bug in the process. Once you start, you'll find there's nothing quite like the satisfaction of harvesting your own veggies or herbs. Plus, you can impress your friends with your newfound green thumb. "Oh, this? Just some cherry tomatoes I grew myself," you'll say casually at your next dinner party. It's a guaranteed conversation starter.

Orden is now our 'baby boomer' cherry tom and 'spaghetti' chilli seedlings from our website!

There you will find two versions of each plant. The 'baby' and 'toddler' seedlings. The 'baby' seedling will require repotting twice, while the 'toddler' version just once. We will offer the 'adult' version, once old enough!

Also, remember to subscribe as we are about to drop more varieties soon! And then you can be a cherry tom expert, telling apart the varieties from their flavour!

Stay tuned for more details, and in the meantime, happy gardening!

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