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Welcome to HavenWeb: Growing Hope in Uncertain Times

Updated: Jul 12

Hello, people of Canterbury, green thumbs and aspiring gardeners! 🌱 Welcome to HavenWeb, a community interest company on a mission to empower people to grow their own food. In a world of uncertainty, where unstable economies and climate change challenge our way of life, HavenWeb is committed to creating positive change. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey!

Our First Year: From Grass to Garden

volunteers gardening at the guerilla garden

We're thrilled to share that in our very first year of operation, we've successfully launched our first guerrilla community garden. With the help of 20 passionate volunteers, we've transformed a once-unused green space into a thriving, productive oasis. This garden isn't just a place to grow food; it's a sanctuary of peace, learning, and community.

Every week, people gather to learn about gardening, grow their own food, and take some home. The atmosphere is filled with the aroma of fresh soil, the chatter of new friends, and the comforting warmth of a shared cup of tea. It’s a place where good conversations bloom as vibrantly as our plants. We are so grateful to be supported in our gardening endeavour by The Kent Community Foundation and the Amity Allotment Fund.

Join the Movement: Transforming Green

Spaces in Canterbury

We’re eager to expand our community gardening activities and transform more green spaces. If you know of any unused areas in Canterbury, let us know, and we’ll get to work. Thanks to Canterbury City Council’s 'Right to Grow' motion, in theory, you can grow your own food anywhere. However, finding clear information can be tricky, and even council responses are often vague.

Our high street is brimming with vape shops and bubble tea stores while independent shops struggle. We believe in the power of community action to bring about the change we want to see. To see change, we must create it ourselves—no one will do it for us.

Havenwebs's stall in Canterbury outside HSBC

Growing at Home: Simple Steps for New Gardeners

tomato plant in pot

We also want to empower those who

prefer to garden at home, especially beginners. That’s why we’re cultivating easy-to-grow cherry tomato and chilli plants that require minimal space and effort. However, we face stiff competition from garden centres that use artificial methods to get their plants to market first. We're still deciding whether to continue this effort next year, but life's journey is about embracing the unknown. Special thank you to the ASPIRE program from the University of Kent and Growing Kent & Medway who they really supported and guided our first steps in the business

industry. You can grab your our plant

straight from our website at All our plants are Produced in Kent!

Embrace the Journey

At HavenWeb, we believe in embracing the journey, even when the path ahead is uncertain. Humans naturally crave control and comfort, but often, the more we try to control a situation, the less control we actually have. By letting go, we can truly experience the beauty of growth and change.

Join us in creating a greener, more self-sufficient future. Whether you have a green thumb or have never gardened before, there's a place for you in our community. Together, we can cultivate not just plants, but hope and resilience.

Stay green, stay hopeful, and let’s grow together! 🌿

volunteers at the garden

Join Us:

To become part of our growing community, click the link to sign up for our next session. Together, we can make a difference—one plant at a time!

Together, we can make a significant difference, safeguarding the future of our Earth while supporting the UN and the UK in achieving their sustainability objectives, whilst building a strong community. SGD 2 ‘Zero Hunger’, SDG 3 ‘Good Health & Well-being’, SDG 4 ‘Quality Education’, SDG 11 ‘Sustainable Cities & Communities’, SDG 12 ‘Responsible Consumption & Production’ and SDG 15 ‘Life on Land’. 

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