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The Influence of Long Meadow Way and the Green Team Canterbury in Shaping HavenWeb

Updated: Jul 12

At the top of Hales Place in Canterbury, the Green Team Canterbury, led by Mark and Diane, turned their passion for environmental sustainability into the cornerstone of community life at the Long Meadow Permaculture Garden.

Jake and Trevor chilling after a day of "hard" gardening
Jake and Trevor chilling after a day of "hard" gardening

Located just outside the estate at Hales Place, the garden was a living example of permaculture principles and a hub for community.

Both, Mark & Diane, dealt with personal challenges, finding solace and purpose in gardening and community service. Noticing the excessive waste from university students at the end of the academic year, they began collecting almost brand-new discarded items, repurposing them at community sales. The proceeds were reinvested into the garden, enriching it with pollinator-friendly flowers, food crops like beans and artichokes, and a vibrant bed of wildflowers including borage. This is an excellent example of a circular economy model.

wildflower patch
wildflower patch

Every Sunday, the garden transformed into a vibrant gathering place. The community didn’t just come to garden, but to connect, hang out, share stories and have lunch. The Green Team Canterbury’s commitment made the Long Meadow Permaculture Garden a beacon of sustainable living, demonstrating the profound impact of their dedication to the environment and their community.

Team working together helping a tree out

Then Maria, current founder and director of HavenWeb, discovered this wonderful garden. She immediately felt a connection, sharing a deep passion and similar challenges with the community there. Eager to contribute, Maria teamed up with Mark, Diane, and Trevor (also from HavenWeb), proposing to transform their efforts into a charity. This would enable them to secure grants, enhance the garden with better equipment, and expand their reach.

Unfortunately, just when their plans were taking shape, circumstances forced the garden to close. Despite this setback, Maria and Trevor were determined not to give up. Motivated to make a lasting impact, they decided to start something new. Thus, HavenWeb was born—a project born from resilience and a desire to serve the community.

Today, HavenWeb is its own entity. Maria, Sam and Trevor are looking forward to setting their plans in action building community and empowering people to grow their own food and themselves.

Join them in this journey which is about to start.

Follow the link to get involved with the secret community project in the heart of Canterbury. Wednesday the 17th of April 2024. The session is recorded so even if you miss it, pop in your email to receive a link with the recording.

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