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Join our journey as a community interest start-up!

Updated: Jul 12


Thank you for spending a couple of minutes reading our first ever blog post. To be perfectly honest with you, writing a blog post and creating an online profile for HavenWeb has been a journey on itself. But that’s a story for another time. Please, allow me to introduce HavenWeb. 

HavenWeb is a Community Interest Company with mission to empower individuals and communities to grow their own food. Through this process we aim to help people with their well-being leading to a deeper connection with their own self, the community and the environment. You can find more information about our mission here.

Why did you choose to create a community interest company and not a charity or a normal limited company? 

Choosing a legal entity to represent our mission took some time and we concluded to go for a community interest company. First of all, we believe that giving back when you have more than you need is essential to create equality and respect.

Our initial thought was to create a charity, however, establishing a charity has a lot of bureaucracy and the strangest of all is that if you decide to create a charity, you can’t be the person who runs it.

It does make sense if you think about it as the charity commission wants to minimise any personal conflict that may arise for being a charity trustee. So we decided to create a community interest company because it has less bureaucracy and we can work for our ‘baby’. 

What is the difference between a limited company and a community interest company (CIC)? 

A CIC is basically a company allowed to trade and most of the profits made have to be given back to the community. In terms of HavenWeb, once we make a profit we will give back to the community through our community gardening projects (more on that to follow). 

Starting a company is relatively easy. All you have to do is create an application on Companies House website, fill in an article of association with your mission statement and pay a £35 fee.

After a few days, you’ll receive a confirmation email that your company is live and you can start trading. That’s the easy part. The next part is making your vision for the company a reality. That’s a bit more tricky, because everything has a cost nowadays. 

Getting a domain, launching a website, having a professional email address, getting resources for your products, networking, insurance, the list is endless. Luckily, we live in an era where you can find a variety of free tools and support to get you started. 

Interesting fact!

Only 18% of start-ups end up being successful. Do you think we can make it?

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